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Monday, March 30, 2009

A short trip to Kospallag

We made an impulsive decision to spend the weekend in a forest hotel in Northern Hungary where we had been planning to go in mid-May.

Our friend Tsvete, however, decided that now would be as good time as ever to get away from the city. This was all part of her cunning plan not to buy a hypothetical weekend house worth a hypothetical 20,000 euro (minimum) but invest the money in travel instead.

So, thanks to her enthusiasm and booking skills, we set off to Szent Orban Erdei Hotel (literally, the forest hotel of Saint Orban).

The hotel is made of wood so you have this nice, mountain-hut kind of feeling. It is actually situated on the top of a hill in what passes as a mountain (by Hungarian standards), surrounded by forest (thus the name). It is just the hotel and the woods--the nearest village is a few kilometers downhill.
We went for a walk and ran into Jesus. These kinds of religious displays are rare in Hungary but perhaps it has something to do with Saint Orban, who gave the name to the hotel (I admit I have no idea who Saint Orban was).

A horse was grazing on a field across from the hotel where we were hanging around watching Ruslan and Lia slide on something that I don't know how to name in English, or in any other language.

The device in question and Ruslan, ever the adventurer.

The wind did not prevent us from enjoying our lunch outside...

...but the inside pool proved to be the major attraction. Here is Andrej, wrapped up in a towel looking like a Roman senator. You can see the impatience in his eyes--bring on the pool!


Elizabeth said...

What a great weekend adventure.
My husband and I would really like to visit Hungary one day.
His ancestors are from the Czech Republic.
Greetings from New York.

Jelica said...

Thanks, Elisabeth! Hungary is a beautiful country and worth a visit. Plus, once you are here, Vienna and Bratislava are just two hours away, and Prague is not that far either :)

Polly said...

The hotel looks like a perfect weekend getaway... it's got the rustic look I remember from Polish and German mountain hotels and shelters, good times...

I love the photo of the horse, he (she?) is absolutely stunning. Thanks!

Jelica said...

No idea whether it is a he or she, Polly! My friend Tsvete said she had a thing for dark horses so she asked me to take a picture of it.

Dumdad said...


Thanks for popping over to my blog.

I noticed your post on The Port of Amsterdam - I know the Brel version, of course, but didn't realise the great Bowie had covered it. Thanks, I enjoyed hearing it!

I_am_Tulsa said...

What a beautiful hotel! And to "bump into Jesus" during your walk...must've been interesting!

I am planning on winning the lottery soon (LOL) and when that happens I am definitely going to Vienna!

Jelica said...

Dumdad, thanks for coming and leaving a comment.

It is Mr. Budapest Bits who is the connoisseur when it comes to French music--he bumped into Bowie's version while looking for Brel's on youtube. I like what Bowie did to Brel's song--he added so much of his own imprint that it's no longer a cover, but it becomes a variation on the theme.