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Monday, March 9, 2009

Mozart's home town through the photo lens

A majestic castle towering over the Old City (UNESCO heritage since 1997).

Spring was in the air the afternoon we passed through Salzburg.

The sun clock, partly overshadowed.
Horse-carts are a frequent sight in Altstadt (Old City).

So many cake shops to tempt those with a sweet tooth...


willow said...

Wonderful pics!! That clock is fabulous.

The Clever Pup said...

DA daDA daDAdadadaDA! I was in Salbzurg with my family 6 years ago (already!)It is really lovely isn't it?

Where did you stay?

Jelica said...

Thanks, Willow!

Clever Pup--we only stopped for about two hours on our way to Zillertal. It was my third or fourth time in Salzburg but always in transit on the way to skiing :) Still, each time I discover something new. I would be curious to see it in spring/summer time because I have only ever seen it in winter!