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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

It was so easy

It was so easy to start this blog....thanks to Jelica and her computer genius. I have considered starting a blog for the last year and so. Why? Get in touch with some friends, share some thoughts show some pictures and hopefully, one day...get some feedback.

I have been in blog-reading for quite some time now and I find it really interesting to read people who are often extremely intelligent, witty and funny and who wouldn't have made it to the mainstream media otherwise. Of course, if you get hooked it may eat up all your time as one blog leads to another to another to........

See you around!

In a way of explanation

Here we are, jumping on the blogging bandwagon! I was truly inspired today reading our friend Pavel's witty and interesting stories about life with two charming ladies, Maia and Emese; I mean, it's not like we haven't considered starting a blog even before, but I guess none of us had enough enthusiasm to think it through. But today we put both our minds (and hearts) to it, so here we are.

Stay tuned!