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Friday, March 13, 2009

Zillertal 09, a photo story

I decided to post some ski photos, on popular demand.

OK, there was no popular demand, it was just our friend Tsvete asking if we uploaded some ski pictures on the blog and I realised that we haven't yet. But I like that phrase "popular demand," I really do.

The highlight of this trip was the fact that we enrolled Boris in a ski school. He is four and a few months, so it was just the right time to learn. He is far better than his parents in this respect: Ruslan learned at the age of 16 and I enrolled a ski school together with a bunch of 4-5 year olds when I was at the ripe age of 25 (going on 26, let's be honest). So, lucky Boris, although you wouldn't say he is terribly enthusiastic about the whole thing, judging by this picture.

Can you find the intruder? Let me give you a hint--the only kid without a helmet, wearing a (couple of sizes too big) Spiderman hat instead. And a bright orange scarf to boot. Poor Boris, he was like a relative from the country--funny clothes, skis and boots second-hand, looking about 20 years old (skis, not Boris), no-brand. All other kids had super new Atomic, Head, Salomon and such like skis. Luckily, we're really not snobs in that respect. And we didn't think he would need a helmet for the baby slope they practiced on (that's pushing it in terms of security as far as I'm concerned).

I read it in various news sources that this winter was expected to be the best season in the Alps in terms of snowfall for the past 10 years. As far as we can say, it is definitely true. There was no shortage of snow anywhere on the slopes and it was of excellent quality. Far, far better than last year when we went in mid-March and to a ski resort on a lower altitude--we had just slush all the time, very unpleasant.

Yours truly, courtesy of Ruslan-the-photographer. One morning we skied together and that was when he took his picture. That was my best morning because it was a sunny day, I was discovering new slopes and I enjoyed Ruslan's company. He also praised my skiing technique a lot, so that was such a confidence boost. We need to ski side by side more :)

On our last full day in Zillertal it started snowing in the village where we stayed (Stumerberg). A few days before the temperatures were around 5-6 degrees Celsius and almost all the snow in the village melted away. But then Friday afternoon it began to snow, and it snowed and snowed...and snowed... and on Saturday morning it still kept snowing and this is how the valley looked like from the road in front of our house. Lucky those whose shift started that Saturday--they must have had incredible powder the next day.


willow said...

I'm so glad you caved in to the popular demand! Your public deserves such fabulous pics!

Polly said...

Hi Jelica - thanks for visiting my blog! Your photos are really great, I love skiing. I've been skiing for over 20 years now and it's my favourite sport, by far.

I very much enjoyed your Budapest photos as well. I have visited your beautiful city once, a while ago, and loved it...


Nancy said...

These pictures are priceless - especially of your kids. I'm sure your family is happy to see you all via your great blog.

San Diego, CA

Jelica said...

Hi Nancy, thanks for stopping by and for your kind words!