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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Why does it always rain on me?

"Is it because I lied when I was seventeen?" (Travis)

Er, it's the umbrella, stupid. The lack of it, in fact.

So, as it was nicely drizzling on me this morning when I went out for my breakfast pastry, I decided to pass by our neighborhood shopping mall and try to find myself an umbrella. I had my camera with me so here are some pics from Mamut (meaning 'mammoth'--strange name for a shopping center but at least it's not another Plaza).

I armed myself with a cappucino to-go, bought from a gorgeous little coffee place just behind the mall, on the market. I haven't had proper coffee in more than five years so this was no small treat--it's giving me a strange feeling in the stomach but it was worth it.

Favorite meeting place--the fountain on the ground floor.

Don't you just love the packaging at L'Occitane? Everything seems to be saying "French rural chic"--almost irresistible.

I adore bookstores. This one is part of a Hungarian chain called "Libri." It would be my favorite store if the books were not in Hungarian, alas. To be fair, they also have an English-language section, although it's mostly classics and a few bestsellers.

Pastries for the hungry shopper.

Back to the umbrella issue--I got a little carried away clicking around, so much so that I forgot what I came for.

But here's a virtual umbrella for all of you under rainy skies (I like this song a lot, and I always think of my childhood friend Milos when I hear it. The video clip is a nuisance but it can thankfully be minimized).


Ruslan said...

Mutresca. Razhojda se po shopping mall-ove....

Ruslan said...

Mutresca. Razhojda se po shopping mall-ove....

willow said...

Wow! Budapest has changed so much since WT did business there 15 years ago. Beautiful mall.

Jelica said...

I'm not actually a big mall fan (yeah, right) but this one is very nice in fact--lots of open spaces and natural light. It is the only mall I've been to which is not stuffy and claustrophobic. And it's also a 10min walk from our place :)

I_am_Tulsa said...

The store windows and the fountain area are fabulous! It would be very bad for my wallet to have a mall like that only minutes away! Oh, I wish I could go to Budapest!