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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My coffee paradise

I found it!

I found a place that sells coffee beans and makes wonderful coffee to boot.

It was practically under my nose for years, in an inconspicuous corner of our food market. Ruslan discovered it, by chance--we are such creatures of habits, for years going to one and the same corner of the market, never venturing beyond (mainly because the pancakes place is in that corner, that being our first stop).

One Saturday morning Ruslan was in need of his caffein fix (I forgot to make it for him at home) so, on our way to pancakes, we made a detour through Cafe Semiramis. I loved it at first sight. I even dared try their cappuccino--my first proper, non-decaf coffee in five years. Then I came back for more so my abstinence is now officially over.

Let me take you on a tour...

The cappuccino in question, nice and frothy, with a little bit of cinnamon on top. Resistance is futile.

There are about a dozen baskets full of coffee beans from all corners of the (coffee-producing) globe: Kenya, Antigua, Guatemala, India, Mexico, Ethiopia. You can buy them by grams but only in pre-fixed measures: 125g, 250g, 500g and 1kg. They grind it for you on the spot, if you want.

To the left are coffee beans from Ethiopia and to the right those from Guatemala and Antigua. "Becsi" means Viennese in Hungarian and it signifies that these particular beans are good for the so-called Viennese coffee. Looking at their color they seem like a medium-roast and therefore suitable for Turkish coffee as well--I will try them as soon as we finish the big Jacobs pack I bought in a supermarket.

This is a kind of place where you can easily lose all sense of time...

EDIT: You can find this place on the uppermost floor of the Feny utca market, behind Mamut mall.


Polly said...

I'm a BIG fan of coffee, simply can't start a day without one (that's not very good, is it...) Great photos! I wish I could join you for a latte at Semiramis. Polly x

Jelica said...

That would be lovely, Polly! I used to be a big fan, too, but had to stop drinking. I'm really happy that I can still do it from time to time without suffering side-effects.

I_am_Tulsa said...

Oh the coffee looks lovely...and the beans! I understand being a creature of habit! But it is a good thing to go on adventures once in awhile isn't it!

Jelica said...

Yes, indeed, Tulsa, and what an adventure--going to the right of the market instead of the left ;)It paid off!

coffeecat said...

Hello Jelica! You are my guest for a nice coffee in my coffee shop, in Coffee Cat! And I also sell coffee beans! :)
See you soon! Zsuzsa

Chris said...

Hi, I am an American living in Romania but coming here once in a while in search of things like coffee beans. Can you provide an address - I would love to stop by this place!

coffeecat said...

Well Chris, Coffee Cat is in Ó utca 44, in the 6th district, 2 minutes from Oktogon in Budapest. I sell freshly roasted coffee from Guatemala. Have a look at my website for the opening hours!
ciao :)