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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Smellin Spring in Belgrade

I have been to Belgrade many times but have never written anything about it. And Belgrade definately deserves it. For some reason, I feel fine in Belgrade and I feel the sweet smell of home stronger than in Budapest. It's exactly on the border between two very distinct cultures: the Austro-Hungarian one and the Ottoman/Balkan one. For many years the border between the two great empires run along the Sava River: Zemun was a part of Europe and Belgrade was administered by Istanbul's Top Kapi - a stone's throw from Asia. You can see that everywhere: architecture, politics, business, etc......

So, it was good in Belgrade this time again. We arrived almost at sunset when the hilly old town is illuminated by the red sun and you and there are some promises in the air of an interesting evening should you have energy to go out. Of course, we didn't as we had a business meeting until 9 pm and then we went to a restaurant as we were starving. The restaurant - Daco - was very cute - traditional Serbian style, quite cosy, old coats and ironing machins on the walls, each table a different tablecloth, different glass wines and dishes, old style toilet where water runs from a tin vessel. And the quality of food was so good.....

The day after we had our meeting in the building of the ex Yugoslav Federal Government. I usually don't like these communist-style buildings but it was ok actually and the hall itself was very practical.

Ok, I can write more about Belgrade but that's enough for now. It was good to smell the coming spring in Belgrade.


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