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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Origin of Name Ruslan

There are two versions of this Old Russian name. Obviously it can be
explained only by the influence of Turkic neihgbours of Russian in 10-11 centuries. It disappeared when Russian Orthodox church began to enforce Russian to give their children only Christian names.

1. Rus + Lan = Urys Olany = Russian Child.
Lan (Olan) in Tatar-Mishar dialect means "Child".

2. Arslan=Aryslan>Aruslan>Ruslan. Arslan (Aryslan) means "Lion".

Irek Bikkinin.

P.S. At the moment the name of Ruslan is widely used by Tatars and other
ethnic minorities of Russia and sometimes even by Russians themselves.

....and by one Bulgarian:-)

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