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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ready, steady...

On Saturday we are leaving for Bulgaria--it will be Andrej's first trip out of the country, and the first since last November for the rest of us, as pregnancies and torn ligaments conspired to keep us in Hungary :) Andrej has a very cute temporary passport, courtesy of Bulgarian embassy in Budapest and a very nice lady called Diana Todorova, who works in the consular office.

One of the aims of the trip is to get Andrej a real passport: until we do that, he can't have proper health insurance in Hungary, and, of course, we can't go anywhere. We could have opted to get him a Serbian passport here in the Embassy--they do it on the spot--but we figured it makes more sense to invest those 50,000 HUF (about 200 euros) into our plane tickets than into the Serbian budget. The prices they charge in our consular office here (and elsewhere too) are just amazing--I guess the logic is that the shittier the passport, the more they should rip you off...

We are also looking forward to seeing Ruslan's family and just relinquish cooking, cleaning and entertaining kids for about two weeks... I think we both need a break badly! It's been a month since my Mum left and, boy, was it tough at times. So now, off to take advantage of the other granny :))))

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