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Monday, March 19, 2007

Hoce Boris! (Boris wants)

Boris is already so fluent in Serbian that he can express himself in long, complex sentences without any problem. However, the phrase we hear most often from him is "hoce Boris" (Boris wants)--whatever it is that you have, or do, he wants it as well. At this picture he wants to grab the camera and make photos, but generally he mostly wants food. It doesn't matter that you're eating the same stuff as he is, he wants it from your plate.

A variant of "hoce boris" is "hoce nesto" (wants something). Now, you might think that it means he wants just anything but you're wrong. Somehow, in his little head, "nesto" came to mean something sweet, a dessert or csoki or a biscuit--stuff that we hide in the storage room to save from immediate extermination. Obviously, it's hillarious when you hear him asking for "anything", as if it was some kind of defined object, but he knows he is on to something. It won't be long before he can name exactly what he wants (cokolada, keks, kolac, etc) and then it will be more difficult to act like we have no clue...

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