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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Alfold (Big Hungarian Plane)

I must be upbeat because of the coming spring as travelling to and from Belgrade I liked the Big Hungarian Plane and it moved me. I have crossed the flat stretch between Budapest and Novi Sad many times but it often leaves me without emotions. I am definately a hilly/mountainous type of person. Of course - I grew up in a place where one is constantly in visual contact with the Balkan Mountain looming blue over the town. However, crossing the Alfold this time I thought of the old times when this land was a part of a big empire, when life was slow and distances challenging, when people sang and danced, when it smelled of dust and rain and horses and fires.... The firy sun was setting over the horizon while Csaba was speeding to Budapest and I was becoming more impatient to see Jelica and my two little boys.

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