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Monday, March 19, 2007

Quatro mille baci

How many kisses are too many? Lately, Boris has been very keen on kissing Andrej. When he does it once or twice, you can't help smiling and showering him with praise: "Oh, you're such a good big brother." But then he goes on and on, and the more you tell him that it's enough, the more eager he is. At some point Andrej starts crying and it all descends into a struggle of wills between us and Boris. Since we're not willing to just slap him (yet) but, instead, believe in the power of persuasion, it all just goes on ... until we manage to divert Boris's attention with something else.

Of course, we were prepared for jealousy, but I never expected it to show quite this way. It's easy to be strict if the older kid is openly aggresive towards the younger, but this "I'll kiss you until I piss you (off)" is really pretty original :)))

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