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Thursday, April 16, 2009


Boris and I are enjoying the smells and sounds of spring, albeit from home.

He was ordered strict bed rest so we can't go for a stroll or have a picnic in the nearby Millenaris park. But we opened all the windows and the doors to the balcony so we can enjoy the view and fresh air (in theory we could stretch on the chairs on our balcony if the sun was not so strong).

We do go out twice a day, to take Andrej to school and to pick him up, so that helps decrease the cabin fever. It looks a little bit strange that Boris is in the stroller and little Andrej trots patiently next to him--it should be the other way round and I can see people looking at us confused. But, hey, as long as there is a promise of ice-cream, Andrej will conquer two hills and a good half hour worth of walking distance and won't budge. You can see how little bribes go a long way--literally.

Today I am happy that Boris is feeling better. The last two days were difficult because he got a stomach virus on top of the other disease and for the first time he looked really sick--pale and tired because of the vomiting and stomach ache. He is usually so healthy, just a bit of a runny nose and some cough here and there; it's been two years since he had to take antibiotics or even had a fever. Even in the hospital last week he was in the best of moods, all funny and cheeky with the nurses.

Fortunately, he he is back to his old (cheeky) self and I am reminded of a great song about renewal and rebirth--Primavera, by Carlos Santana. I'm attaching a youtube clip which is downright stupid but the song is beautiful.


julochka said...

jelica--thanks for stopping by to visit my blog. glad to have discovered yours. having spent time in the balkans (it's where i met my danish husband), i'm of course curious as to where you're from. :-)

hope boris is on the mend and will be ok. it sounds like a very strange disease! will he always have it?

I_am_Tulsa said...

I am so glad to hear that Boris is at home and cheeky too! :-)'
I send you hugs again!
Oh, and I love Santana!

Jelica said...

julochka--thanks for coming over! I knew there was a balkan element to your story :)

I am from Serbia (ex Union of Serbia and Montenegro, ex Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, ex Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia) but I spent some time in Bulgaria, studying. My husband, who also writes on this blog, is Bulgarian.

Fortunately, this strange disease is not chronic and it goes away on its own, without medication but with bed rest. Relapses do happen, though, and sometimes there could be kidney complications, so we have to be on alert in the next couple of months.

Jelica said...

Tulsa--thanks again for your support!

Santana is great, we went to his concert last year in Budapest. It was an open-air, free concert and usually these are extremely crowded except that the organizers announced the wrong starting time... We came on time by pure chance and I'm glad we didn't miss it (and we had the unexpected bonus of being able to stand relatively close to the stage, which is usually impossible).

Dumdad said...

I hope Boris is soon fully fit. It's tough for a little boy to be slowed down like this.

Jelica said...

It's true, Dumdad--he is becoming more impatient and uses every opportunity and pretext to jump out of bed...

Polly said...

I hope you'll both be able to get out soon and enjoy the Spring - it's getting more and more beautiful

willow said...

I love the word "primavera" and the season, too. Hope Boris is feeling better soon.

Polly said...

Jelica, thanks for your comment on my post on cycling. I thought it would be easier to answer here just to make sure you get the reply!

Cycling in London is not that bad, especially that I don't go into the central parts of it. I cycle from Barnet to Bloomsbury, mostly through residential areas...

I have a little confession to make - while in Poland, I went to Budapest for a day... But it was a very flying visit, literally 24 hours and back to Krakow. I was thinking of letting you know so that we could meet for coffee at your fave place but really didn't have much time, which is such a shame I would have loved to meet you and I hope I will some time in the future! And if you do get your bike I'll definitely pop over and go for a ride with you!

I'm glad you like my new banner :-) I needed a change.

Polly x

Jelica said...

Your banner inspired ours, Polly!

At the time you were in Krakow I was in hospital with Boris so we probably couldn't have met--but please let me know when you visit next time. With or without a bike, we need to have a latte @ Cafe Semiramis :)

Delwyn said...

thanks for finding me so that I have been able to visit your corner of the world - so far from here.

I hope that Boris is on the mend, he does have a cheeky grin..

and I look forward to coming back and reading all you old posts. I am going to love the architecture and the places you have written about.