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Sunday, April 26, 2009

No Limits to Technology

Yesterday I was listening to Radio France Internationale (RFI) in my car, a programme on the benefits of technology for sharing information between plastic surgeons located in different countries, even continents. The several guests in the studio - French surgeons themselves - were telling how nice it is to make a consultation with their colleagues overseas in real time.

Then, it was time for questions from the listeners (obviously sent by e-mail). The first question that the journalist picked was from a man from Abidjan 'I suffer from constipation. Is it possible to make the diagnosis through a video conference?' Then the plastic surgeon exploded into laughter (and so did I) which he tried to conceal heroically. His answer was 'There is no need for new technologies in this case. You'd better go and see a doctor in the nearby hospital'.

There are two explanations for this situation:
- either the man from Abidjan (rhymes well, doesn't it?) was seriously pulling their leg and then the journalist is to blame for picking such a question; or
- the man from Abidjan really suffers from terrible constipation and after having tried all possible local Abidjani treatments he just needed a plastic surgeon from overseas to have a 'look' at the problem.


Delwyn said...

I wonder what he expected of the plastic surgeon...Funny...He must have been desperate...
Happy Days

I_am_Tulsa said...

hehehe...I don't even want to think about what he wanted the plastic surgeons to do!

I like RFI though...I used to get some of their sample CDs for world music...lots of French pop and rai too!
Their world music selection was always very good!

Amber said...

Oh, Thank you for visiting my blog! It is great to discover yours too. I shall look forward to having a good ´look at it tonight over a cup of tea. I enjoy reading about the adventures and joys and tricky bits of other expats.

Polly said...

I wouldn't be surprised if this was a genuine request from someone who already went to see all of the local doctors but to no avail...

And yes - why PLASTIC surgeon??? Interesting...

willow said...

Thanks for the Monday morning giggles!!

Jo said...

I'm still chuckling.

I have a feeling he might have been pulling their leg. :-)

Merisi said...

Hilarious! :-)))
The poor guy is still desperate,
but on-line savvy! ;-)

I love to listen to radio,
keeping in touch with my old home via the NPR Morning Show and Diane Rehm on Wamu, both broadcasting from Washington, DC (I listen to them on-line now, Diane has a complete archive, so one can always catch up with her later).

Ruslan said...

Yes, poor guy had a serious problem.

Willow, I want to thank you for making me discover Edna Millay.

Merisi, I was in Vienna two weeks ago and next time I'll ask you for advice on some interesting walking itinerary.

Tulsa, yes, RFI has some great World Music. It's a great station and they also help sick people get a competent advice from reputed surgeons.