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Friday, April 24, 2009

Pass the remote

I watch TV at two kinds of places--parents' home (mine or Ruslan's, all the same) or hospitals. What the two have in common is that there is not much other entertainment available, although parent's home beats the hospital in the quality of food by a large margin.

Until quite recently, Boris was so disinterested in watching TV that I worried (secretly) that I am raising a sociopath. Then he warmed up to Teletubbies and Bob the Builder, so no worries anymore.

Now that he is back in hospital and that I'm staying with him almost all day, we get to watch a lot of TV. This is what we have on the menu:

1. Cartoons on Minimax channel (dubbed in Hungarian)

2. American reality-type shows such as Supernanny and Next (dubbed in Hungarian)

3. Hungarian soaps

The choice depends entirely on the age of the person monopolizing the remote control.

Today Boris looked at me a bit puzzled and asked, "Bob the Builder speaks Hungarian...?" That I can deal with, but yesterday I saved myself a lot of explaining when he got up to pee just at the moment when two guys started smooching all over the screen in a dating show. Hell, I'm not ready for that! I had enough trouble trying to explain a while ago why I can't buy him a bra.

Anyway, just wanted to tell you all that Boris is slowly getting better but it might be a while until he is fully recovered. We will have to stay in the hospital for at least 4-5 more days, maybe longer. I'm trying to catch up with bloggy readings in the evenings when I come back home but I am usually so brain-dead that I can't leave meaningful comments, so do forgive me!

And at least while I am away Ruslan is here to entertain you and I'm sure he will do a great job :)


Polly said...

Oh I do hope Boris feels better soon! Hospitals are not nice, are they.

I'm now off to see how you explained the bra situation. I'm very curious...

I_am_Tulsa said...

Oh I'm so sorry but I had to laugh when I read your answer to the bra question!

Don't worry too much about getting to other people's blogs..we all know that we can find you guys here!

I hope Boris gets to go home soon too.

lots of love,

Delwyn said...

I like the way you are keeping your spirits up in what must be a very stressful time...
I'm glad to hear that Boris is improving, best wishes to you all
happy Days

Elisa said...

Reading you sometimes and thinking of you. Kisses and hugs to Boris from us 3. We look through our window, it will rain again but it's bveautiful. See you soon. Xx

Jelica said...

Polly, this actually is a nice hospital, as far as hospitals go--painted in warm colors, pictures of animals on the walls, with a nice playing area inside and in the courtyard. So, not bad, all things considered :)

Tulsa--he caught me by surprise with the bra question so I had to improvise!

Delwyin--I wasn't able to write anything until I saw the signs of recovery, only then I could laugh about certain silly things that come with a hospital stay.

El, waiting for you in BP!

And many thanks, dear ladies, for your warm wishes, they are very appreciated.