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Saturday, September 5, 2009

What blog camp is all about

Talking photo walks, like this one in Lund, Sweden, where lovely Kristina showed us around town. This is the spot where a handsome guy stopped us to ask if we were interested in aerobics classes.

Making funny clay figurines

Showing off with your Nikon, if you've got one

Eating yummie cupcakes but only after Spud has immortalized them in about a dozen (or was it a score?) of pictures

Looking out for that axe

And taking photos, lots of them, especially if you're Spud


B said...

It looks as if you've had a great time! Oh, yes, blog camp is more about taking photos than camping or even blogging!

Jelica said...

It was a great time, no doubt about that! And I think we collectively shot a few thousand photos among the five of us...

But we also missed you other blog campers and talked about you a lot :)

kristina said...

I'm glad we opted out of the aerobics!! and I'm so glad I got to show you some of my hometown :-)