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Friday, September 11, 2009

Just Copenhagen

A cool retro bike, looks like something straight out of Henri Cartier-Bressons' photos, except in color.

The Wheel of Copenhagen, reminded me of The London Eye.

At the entrance to Tivoli amusement park.

I like the way the sky contrasts against all the warm colors of the city.

When he's not on manhole covers, he is on boats. In fact, he is everywhere.

Every shop window is a little design exhibition in itself.


spudballoo said...

Oh so lovely...and I get to see what I missed by going home early. BOO HOO!!

MissBuckle said...

Beautiful photos, Jelica. And so different from mine. It's great!

kristina said...

love your copenhagen photos! the one of the copenhagen wheel is beautiful!

B said...

These are beautiful! And you are right, the wheel does remind me of the London Eye, as well.