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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Saturday mornings on the Szena ter market

Saturday morning is a time for pancakes. I used to make them at home but it would eat a big chunk of our morning that we would prefer to dedicate to something more active. Then we discovered the palacsinta place on the first floor of the Szena ter market and became regulars. Their pancakes are fantastic, with a generous amount of filling, and also cheap.

In the middle of the ground floor is where you can buy fruit and veg from the producers. They do not necessarily have a bio or organic certificate but they are at least seasonal and local.

We buy our meat from the butchers' on the first floor of the market, although we never tried magyar szürke marha (pictured above) or Hungarian grey cattle--a breed of cattle that is specific to Hungarian lowlands.

Lots of potatoes, some scallions and pulses, as seen from the upper floor.

While our visit to the market gets off to a prosaic start (i.e. eating pancakes) it always ends with an aesthetic touch: buying a bouquet of flowers for our house.

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