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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Girls just wanna have fun

Yesterday was the second gathering of our impromptu "Sex and the City'" club over dinner at ours (featuring: Tsvete, Christelle, Venelina and yours truly). A token male presence was provided by Boris who kept jumping and running around and generally making fool of himself in order to attract attention (as they do).

Given the current composition a more accurate description would be "the wives of absent husbands" but, hey, that's not nearly as glamourous, not to mention that it's kind of pathetic, too.

Last time we met at Tsvete's over an improvised lunch, with everyone bringing a little something to contribute. Christelle must have cooked about 3 litres of tomato soup which she divided equitably between us and her husband. We liked it--he seemed like he had a plate too many :).

Yesterday, the menu consisted of a creamy vegetable soup (courtesy of Tsvete), honey-mustard chicken, cous-cous with spicy sausages and garlic bread (contributed by me) and enough cakes, pies and baklava to feed us until the end of the month (thank you, Christelle and Venelina!).

So we chattered and chatted and gossiped, like girls do--and I can't wait for the next time. Yum!


Ruslan said...

Cool. Next time I want to participate as well. I'll put the emphasis on my feminine part and we'll gossip about all these bad men.

Christelle said...

Yes was great evening and there are positive sides of being “single” girls in the big city ;-)

Anonymous said...

I do back up all the said above, but please who gossiped, it was pure sharing of information about the dear ones! Sharing is caring, so it was for the benefit of the ones we mentioned....with love! It was truely great, but we need to spice it up and make it juicy, come on, what sex????, we discussed rather sex products as pregnancy and kids, we need to go back to routs and the causes of things! kisses