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Friday, February 20, 2009

Budapest and snow

Tuesday afternoon it started snowing. It seemed like it will be the same as usual--snows some, then melts--but this time there was enough snow to cover the ground and rooftops at least.

Wednesday morning we woke up to a beautiful, sunny day and realized that there's plenty of snow on the ground. OK, objectively it wasn't much, but this is more than we have seen in years. This is our garden in the picture--the first time we ever saw it covered in snow.

I took this picture from our balcony, looking to the left of our house. This is the area between Felvinci ut and Bimbo ut--all residential, and mostly old family houses, except a socialist-type matchbox here and there (you can see one right here in the picture).

From the balcony and to the right you can see the back of the Castle Hill district, the offices in the Millenaris park and a little bit of Szena ter. If I turned a bit more to the right I would have been able to catch the Matyas templom (Matthias Church) but our neighbor's balcony unfortunately interfers with the view.


French Fancy said...

Hello there, thought I'd come and see what you have been getting up to. Has your snow all melted away now? It's like spring in our bit of France - hark at me going on about the weather. It's a very English thing, going on about the weather.

Jelica said...

Nope, hasn't melted yet and we had some more today! It's really pathetic compared to anywhere else in the neighborhood (back home in Serbia there's a meter of snow on the main highway and dozens of people stranded) but I actually prefer it this way. I think cities and snow do not comfortable bedfellows make :)