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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring cleaning

We spent the whole day yesterday dusting, scrubbing, cleaning cupboards, washing, tidying, mopping. And then some.

It was a day off in Hungary because of the March 15 holiday and what better way to spend a holiday than getting your hands dirty? That reminds me of Christmas day in 2002 when I had a day off work (I had hoped to work but my boss had other plans for me, so I got a night shift on December 31st instead). I was all alone in London which, without public transport, feels like a ghost city, so I just cleaned and cleaned all day. I remember that I even cooked a meal for myself, which was a real feat considering that those days I mostly subsisted on Nutella.

I do enjoy an occasional day of purely physical work. When I used to work for Habitat for Humanity we would spend a day on a build site at least once a year and that was so much fun. It's a little bit like skiing: you are totally knackered at the end of the day but it still gives you a kick. It's just so much better than typing all day.

I feel like now is a good time to do some mental spring cleaning, too. You know, shake off the hibernation, get out of that unproductive waiting that julochka wrote about so well, leave behind all the melancholic winter thoughts and negative energy.

Perhaps also clean the dust that has settled on this blog and inject it with some fresh energy? I hope that the blog fatigue stays behind with the previous season.


The Fragrant Muse said...

Ahhhhhh Spring Cleaning. The only time I really enjoy the job. I think it's because of the anticipation of the season. Now could you please send over that precious child to sweep MY floors?

Jelica said...

I think you are so right about that anticipation--it's like we are all ready to go out of our way just to have the spring here, finally.

I have to admit that this picture is more than a year old; yesterday the "precious child" was in a destructive more than helpful mood :)

Merisi said...

Funny how cleaning can become a real cleansing of the mind!

To a new beginning,

Ruslan said...

Yes, it is strange how close the state of flat is related to the state if mind. Isn't that what feng shui is about? It's as if one is cleaning some channels of the mind.

Elitza said...

This is such an impeccable floor - it is even shiny! Your "naughty" boy did a good job ... last year - as I hear. :) Please, please, please send us along the spring weather. I am dying for some warmth.

Delwyn said...

Hello Jelica

how nice to hear your sweet voice once again...I hope spring is sneaking up on you...

Happy days

spudballoo said...

Ah...yes it's beginning to feel like spring here too! I've done my spring cleaning, of course you could hardly tell about 5 minutes later....!