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Monday, November 16, 2009

In the mail

I would like to dispel a notion some of you might have (especially if you are Ruslan) that all that ever arrives to our mailbox as a result of online shopping are shoes (and occasionally clothes). It would be so wrong to think that because I actually enjoy buying books (and occasionally music) much more.

After all, shoes are a necessity, so we are talking very low levels of the Maslow pyramid here. And finding the right ones--well, that's just hard work, as any woman would tell you. Really, no fun at all.

Books, on the other hand, are sheer pleasure. To say that I like to read would be an understatement; I also like to see our library grow, although the space is a limiting factor there. When I dream of my own place, the first thing I visualise is a library taking up an entire wall, from the floor to the ceiling.

So, today, three new additions to the library have just arrived:

The Art of the Novel, Milan Kundera

I read this one back in high school but felt like re-visiting. I like Kundera a lot--he is not heavy artillery like Nabokov or Danilo Kis, but he is witty and somehow manages to stay on this side of (over) simplification. A perfect re-reading material.

Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands, Jorge Amado

I don't know much about this author except that he is Brazilian. I discovered one of his books, "Gabriella, clove and cinnamon" in Ruslan's father's library, in Bulgarian, and I read it practically in one go. It was fantastic and I even re-read it last summer. I decided that I had to get something else from Amado and, voila. Let's see if Dona Flor rises up to expectations.

Langford's Basic Photography: The Guide for Serious Photographers

After just a tiny bit of browsing, I can say that this one is very promising and also very different from both Scott Kelby and Brian Petersen. It really is for people with a nerdy scientific slant, as there are a lot of technical details about how a camera works, the role of light, etc. Just what I have been looking for! An in-depth look will follow in the next installment of the analogue experiment series.


Midlife Jobhunter said...

I don't think there is anything more fun than receiving new books. Oh, well, okay. Maybe there is. But books bring such pleasure.

Protege said...

Due to my roots I do know Milan Kundera, but I never read anything from him.;)
Thank you so much for stopping by my place, I appreciate it.;) I visited Hungary a lot as a child, we drove through your country countless times on our way to (former) Yugoslavia.;) My mother was born in the south east of Slovakia where there was a large Hungarian community.;)

Jelica said...

Midlife Jobhunter--I couldn't agree more with you.

Protege--thanks for stopping by! I am actually from former Yugoslavia, just currently living in Hungary (and commuting to Slovakia from time to time for work :). Do read Kundera, you won't be disappointed!

Ruslan said...

Haha, one parcel of books for the audience, then - five pairs of shoes, etc. That's how it goes.....:-)

Jelica said...

Iskashe da kazhesh "za pred horata," nali? :)))

B said...

I love getting books in the post (and shoes!). Those three are great additions!

Red Whortleberry said...

How it is possible to buy shoes online I don't understand!!! Ruslan must have very standard foot and even then... I still don't understand.

I by myself buy nothing online (and therefore I miss some good pieces of music I cannot get otherwise) but I do dream about my home which - as priority - has to accommodate my library.

Right now: I have about ton of books in my parents place in Tallinn, then many heavy packages in my father's garage, then some in Magdi's garage in Budapest, some under my desk in REC in Szentendre and some even in the shelves already.

Only children library is at home where I am currently living. And 2 heavy packages of books were recycled as they said in REC while I was in Estonia. These two packages could have easy contain the very best selection of Estonian poems... I don't know as I haven't unpacked many other packages... This is abnormal situation and has to come to the end!

In the meanwhile I am designing the shelves for my books - what certainly will be in my library room is the tree shape books self like

Jelica said...

I sympathize, Kaidi! That's a very cool tree-cum-book shelf, I like it a lot. Maybe one day...

spudballoo said...

MrSpud always jokes that he thinks there's some kind of international law about our house always having a parcel delivered, seemingly every day....

The books look great! Our house is tiny, most of our books are in storage. Cry. I look forward to moving in a few years and rediscovering all our lost 'friends'.


Polly said...

Shoes are essential for one's wellbeing. And when they arrive in the post, that's just like Christmas in the middle of Autumn!

I love buying books in a bookshop but Amazon has been my friend for a while now. Mostly because of prices. Kundera is still one of my favourite authors so I'm going to have to check out this one. Let me know what it's like when you'll have read it!

kristina said...

I think internet bookshops are something of the best of the internet. very addictive though... :-) that photography book sounds very promising, I'll have to add it to my list of books I want to buy.