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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Gray vs. red

Drizzle, drizzle. Chilly wind. Oppressive gray skies.

In other words, November. Definitely the worst month of the year, with a narrow win over February, which has the advantage of spring being round the corner. With November, it's many months of sheer grayness ahead.

The only way to fight this overwhelming gray is to inject a mega-dose of red in your life.

Like this pair of wellies, fresh from the post and right in time. When I showed them to Ruslan he said, in slight disapproval: "But why do you need them when it rains so rarely here?" (clearly, he overslept the month of June, when it rained so much that the Danube flooded). Those were rash words as the very next day it started drizzling and hasn't stopped since.

If you don't have a pair of cool, red rainboots at hand (or, better yet, at leg)--well, you definitely should get one pronto. In the meantime, you can go for a little bit of red in a glass.

I'm not claiming it will make November any less gray, but a few of these and at least you're guaranteed not to bother. Or notice.


MissBuckle said...

I opted for red boots as well. Albeit leather ones. I have enough wellies... But I love yours! They are definitely cheery.

Jelica said...

I have leather ones already, but this is my first pair of wellies EVER, at least in my adult life. And red is definitely my favorite color :)

Yva said...

A pair of pink wellies was what got me through last year's autumn/winter in London so I know exactly what you mean :)

B said...

I have pink wellies, does that count? They definitely cheer me up! Love yours!

Jelica said...

I admit I was hesitating over a pink pair but the pull of the read was so much stronger :)

kristina said...

yes, I need red wellies! yours are lovely!