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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Venice on the Run

I know that taking you on a walk in Venice is not as original as a walk in Szekesfehervar or Bandar Seri Bagavan (Brunei) but still...Arriving at Venice Santa Lucia by train from Mestre is like receiving a beauty slap. I usually start telling things like 'No, it's not possible, no who built this place, there is no place like that and similar stupid things...'. Please someone tell me a city in the world where the dive in its vortex is so sudden. Usually, the traveller is prepared somehow, the curtain is slowly unveiled.

I am sorry that the pictures are again a bit dark but I was in the city at sunset again. It is already a deja-vu to hurry and try to capture the last sun rays.

Canale Grande

Rio Marin

As I was very hungry and thirsty, I got quite drunk from one cold beer so all the following pictures are taken is a state of light inebriation.

San Zandegola with the last rays of the sun

What I found funny in this picture is the contrast between the four windows - flowers go from 0 to n. Maybe one big family lives there: four types of people live in the different rooms: the austere (0 flowers), the minimalist (1), the golden average (just enough), the excessive (n).


Looking at the water from this angle I wish I were a boat, quietly gliding on the calm canal.

Canale Grande with Ca' Vendramin Calergi Palace

As if a river of gold flows into the canal. All you need to do is scoop it up and model it into any piece of jewelry you wish.

Contrejour at Canale Grande

This bridge is kind of built under a naughty angle and leads to house with some crazy windows.

Crooked bridge - San Boldo

In any side street there is not a soul in view. It's so easy to escape the crowd in Venice. Never tell Venice is crowded. Only the main streets in Venice are crowded, the rest are totally empty.

Just a simple side canal,
a bit of the liquid gold has flown into it

Palazzo Scranzo in Campol St. Polo

Basilica Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari

I think the picture below is the best. The sleeping boats in the front as if some secret load is hidden in them in contrast with the houses in the back with dozens of restaurants where people do not even suspect this terrible blue secret.

Canale Grande

I took this picture and the next second the water was all over me and it's good that the camera survived.

Then I realized that our train was leaving in 25 minutes so Dora and I ran all the way to the station.


A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

I can never see enough photos of beautiful Venice. The house with the many different window boxes was my favorite. It really did make me wonder the same as you. Four distinct personalities.

I was unable to get a feed on your blog for my bloglist, but will try again.


A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

Ruslan -
I just had to return to tell you how much I loved the story of picking the cherries right after it rained. I told it to my husband and we were just, "Ahhhhhh!" From the comments I received I see that it is a very European, as well as Middle -Eastern thing to do. I am sure I followed the lead of my Slovak BaBa, as my husband did with his Greek father. Thanks for sharing your wonderful memory. I may have to do a post on my responses because they were so enjoyable.
All the best to you, Jelica, and the little man -

Delwyn said...

these are wonderful pictures, despite the beer and the fading sun,

from a very wonderful place.

I think I could spend weeks in Venice walking the back streets and becoming familiar with the canals and neighbouring islands

Thank you for the visit...
Happy days

Polly said...

This really is beauty's slap in the face - I loved that expression! Venice is stunning and your pictures give it justice. I love that one with flowers covered balconies...

I_am_Tulsa said...

The 4 windows are hilarious AND beautiful! Excellent picture!
By the way, how's Jelica and the kids? Give them a great big hug for me!

Ruslan said...

Thank you, Catherine:-) Sorry for not responding earlier but we were computer-less these days.

Delwyn, good to hear from you. Yes, Venice is so special, almost unreal.

Ruslan said...

Dear Tulsa,

We have just come back from a 3 days holiday at a lake in Hungary called Balaton. Although the weather was a bit rainy we still had some internet-free time, some barbeque and swimming in a mineral pool.

I hope you are fine too.

Ruslan said...

And I would like to thank my friend Marco from Venice who identified all the places and helped me put their real names in the captions:-)

Lorac said...

Venice is magnificent! I really like the window/flowers picture. I can look at these pictures and imagine a slow boat ride on the canal. With a Cuba Libre in hand!