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Sunday, November 9, 2008


It was last Wednesday and I woke up in the Skopje Desire hotel early in the morning after going to bed long after midnight, having travelled from Copenhagen late in the evening. I grabbed the remote control immediately and a minute later - oh relief - Obama had won.

I had never thought I would be so excited about the news and I am not ashamed to admit that tears came to me eyes when I was walking from the hotel to the office. These might be naive tears and heaven will certainly not come on Earth but they show the relief I feel at the end of the most unpleasant, uninspiring, regressive, aesthetically challenged political era in my conscious life. (My God, people just hated America these eight years, its moral authority totally collapsed.)

My excitement also shows how happy I am about all my American friends. I couldn't agree more with my friend Kristin who said that Obama is simply the good side of America. It's stupid to say but I started wondering some time ago how is it possible for this nation, so inspiring at times, to end up in such a political situation. I started questioning my knowledge and perception about America. I am also happy for myself and now I know that my adolescence fascination with Kerouac, Salinger, Saroyan, Steinbeck - to name but a few - is not an illusion. And.....what is more Obama seems such a cool and INSPIRING guy. I am deeply convinced that Europe and the US have one major vocation on Earth and this is to inspire the rest of the world. Finance, military, politics come second.

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