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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Art of Naming

I have always liked noting the names of boats and yachts Recently I had the chance to visit Zanzibar. Interestingly this guy did not name his boat after his beloved but after the degree of feeling to her - too much.

Too much love will kill you
For several days I used to sit for hours on the beach and observe life there. This ferry boat used to bring several cars, TVs and washing machines. After what happened to Egypt recently one would expect that the name Mubarak would be painted over and that Ruaha (whatever this means) would be the new one. 

The names of the dictators...
This hair hairdresser is located next to the crazy market. The name is obviously a translation from Swahili but I can't think of what it might mean. The owner invited me for a haircut. I refused.

Ready for surprises?
This summer we spent a dozen days on the island of Hvar in Croatia. There is some extremely kitschy fashion for the names of these boats. Ecstasea is a perfect example.

Those modest boats
Fortunately there are still some modest local boats. This one bears the endearing name of Little Ivo - Mali Ivo. I imagine that it was named after his newborn son Ivo.
Little Ivo in Jelsa

Libido Bar


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed this post. That first boat name reminded me of the lyrics, "and sometimes when we touch, the honesty's too much" .....yes, too much feeling.

Greg Spencer said...

We should have started an "Occupy Hvar Harbour" protest when we visited this summer. As much as I loved Hvar, that harbour was stuffed full of jerks with way too much money.