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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Have we eaten on the insane root that takes the reason prisoner?*

The Octopus got it right and Netherlands and Spain made it to the final. Today this same Octopus sent me the video of the upcoming match which I would like to share with you.

Here one of the Dutch strikers is warming up ambitiously. Look at his pace and determination. His will is bigger than his abilities.

The Netherlands is attacking vigorously while Spain is playing with flowers. Spain is contemplating a secret move. It is a pacifist approach,a David against Goliath situation. Let them attack as much as they want, I am doing my ikebana.

Obviously things got out of control and Spain had to resort to the local witch. The witch is brewing old football shoes and Spain has to drink the potion if they want to have a chance - an undeserved penalty, an unmarked offside, at least something. Pleaaaase! The only problem: the witch is Dutch.

Both teams are in a stalemate. The result is 0-0 for the last five years. The game is stuck. The teams' official masseurs summoned the services of the local shaman who called the God of football. He is a cross between the right foot of Pele, Maradona's hand and Puyol's head. The God of football is huge and only his legs are as high as the new clock in Mecca.

After he is gone, Spain took the initiative and continued playing with hands. It is not in the rules but many things were not in the rules and FIFA accepted them. The video replay is not allowed, the whole world saw it but the referee - didn't. Never mind, who cares - hand or foot?

Spain is sad. Did they concede a goal or are the flowers to blame? Maybe the bouquet didn't turn out as it should have.

The Netherlands is frustrated. They took the ball and dashed to the local witch as well....

* Macbeth, Shakespeare


Jo said...

Aw.... they are GORGEOUS...! I'll bet they're looking forward to the big game on the weekend. :-)

Jelica said...

This is better than Terry Prachet :))))

spudballoo said...

BRILLIANT!!! Best thing I've read in the teams of course...;-)

Ruslan said...

Jo, the big game is long gone but I am sure they will enjoy the next championship - the European one in 2012.

Jelica, that looks like compliment?

Spud, I am happy you liked it. These glasses give weight to any opinion of yours :-)