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Saturday, December 19, 2009

White Whitecity (Belgrade)

If I have to choose between the moderate and the marginal and dramatic, my preference goes for the latter. This is the reason why I love dramatic weather in either directions - both hot and cold. That is also why heavy snow, thunders, heavy rain and heat waves attract me so much. I have a liking for the marginal behaviour as well provided it is in an intelligent direction and that it is an intellectual statement. While Arthur Rimbaud's life story - quitting poetry at 17 and dealing with trade in Africa - is to be respected in its marginality, Partizan fans marginal threats to a reporter who disclosed their criminal links is to be immediately repudiated.

These days were of metereological marginality. It snowed a heavy snow in Serbia and the temperatures were very low. On top of that Belgrade taxi drivers were on strike because (hear that) they were against the introduction of obligatory meters in the cars and because they wanted minimum tariffs. How funny that we all want to be European but when the European way is against our financial interests then the Europeanness is easily forgotten.

Anyway, I acted as my own taxi driver and I drove 200 km in snow and ice between different meetings. On Friday I took some time for a nice slow walk in Belgrade, a visit to some bookstores and have a nice lunch.

This is Vojvoda (Chieftain) Vuk in a small park. I don't know what he did but he died aged 35. I imagine he was a marginal personality and logically did not die in his bed. I took a picture of him as I liked how the snow looked like some strange creature is strangling him.

Vojvoda Vuk

Knjaz Mihailova is a beautiful street and here are its cute lanterns.

Lantern on Knjaz Mihailova street

Kalemegdan fortress was fantastic under the snow. There was hardly a soul in the cold and all I could hear was the sound of me walking on the snow.

The small and the big

Kalemegdan Fortress

There is a beautiful view from the fortress both to Sava and Danube rivers. In a cold and snowy weather water looks like mercury and so does the sky.

Frozen Sava River


Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Hi, What a beautiful city in the snow. Pretty but it must be cold though. Do you have any squirrels out there?

Ruslan said...

Squirrel, next time I am in Belgrade I will check the squirrel availability issue. I will have to go away before the snow melts but I will not forget.

Merisi said...

Snow everywhere, it seems!
Somehow I did not expect Belgrade to be blanketed by such heavy snow. It sure looks beautiful!

Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

What beautiful pictures. It's seems by your pictures Belgrade is a lovely city--look forward to reading more on your blog in the future.

Tracy :)

Anonymous said...

loving all the snow pictures.have a fabulous christmas!

Ruslan said...


Unfortunately, 'snow in a city' quickly turns into 'mud in a city'. I am in Bulgaria now and it is +15 degrees while it was -19 in Belgrade some days ago.

Tracy, welcome to our blog. I'll stop by yours.

Kamana, have a great Christmas as well!