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Monday, August 10, 2009

Blueberries and mushrooms

Yesterday morning after breakfast we set out from our house on a walk to the forest, lured by our friend's Zlatka's promise of blueberries and mushrooms (lots and lots of them) waiting for us in the woods--best of all, not far away, even for a group with many small children.

The road to the forest meanders up the hills, leaving the village of Solishta behind. You can still see a few scattered houses. The village is small and still largely undiscovered by tourists. Ruslan has been coming here for years since Zlatka, his childhood friend, has a country house in the village so it's been the gathering place for friends. This time we are not statying in her house, but renting a place just the opposite.

An obstacle on the road. We had to tread carefully past the horses, one by one, because they can get irritated and bite you. We did our best not to disturb them, especially since they had plenty of flies annoying them already.

A fine example of sharing among brothers. Actually, the hand motion indicates that it's Boris sharing his juice with Andrej, which is typical. Andrej only likes to share other people's stuff, he keeps his own for himself.

Daddy's shoulders are the most reliable mode of transport for lazy and cranky 2.5 year olds.

I know you want to see those blueberries, rather than the same old me, but I will have to disappoint you. There is a new road going through the forest and the old trail that led to these mythical blueberries is lost. Instead, we found some wild raspberries on a very steep and slippery slope, full of thorns moreover, and totally not worth the trouble. But I'm never the one to miss a photo opportunity, am I?


Delwyn said...

Hi Jelica and Ruslan

and it is a gorgeous photo of you in red with matching shoes and with the mountain views in the background...

Happy days

Jelica said...

Thanks, Delwyn! It was such a lovely walk, even if we had to go back without any bounty.

spudballoo said...

Oh how disappointing! Yes, our 2.5 year old nearly always needs carrying everywhere too. No wonder our backs hurt all the time!! x

Jelica said...

Luckily, we found out that holding grandma's hand and walking is an appealing alternative so Ruslan's back gets spared from time to time.

Anil P said...

A beautiful house, set so well in its surroundings. And seems to be a pleasant trail, unhurried, and bountiful.

Lorac said...

Too bad the blueberries are lost! I did like your photos though and your story!Love the house.