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Monday, October 20, 2008

Maxim is here

The phone started ringing at 4:43 on Sunday, startling both of us out of deep sleep. Ruslan quickly picked up and I knew it was time for him to leave, but for a nanosecond I just stared at the darkness outside, my heart beating hard (waking up in the middle of the night to the sound of a very loud mobile makes you think of bad news instinctively).

Only we knew this was good news--we had agreed with Tsvete that she will call us when the labour starts so that Ruslan can go and stay with Lia while they head to the hospital. We've been waiting for this phone call for a long time, but days just dragged on and "Masodik" (baby's working name) showed no signs of wanting to leave his cosy environment.

Ruslan left quickly and I tried to go back to sleep, but it was impossible, I was too excited. I thought of Tsvete dealing with contractions, and everything that was to come--fourth floor of the hospital, doing paperwork while the midwife measures the baby's heartbeat, the obligatory shower, waiting for the doctor to appear, then going into the birthing room....and all that follows.

When Boris and Andrej woke up, shortly after 8, there were still no news. I remember thinking, "well, it should be over really soon." Good guess--Maxim was born at 8:35, almost 4kg and 60cm long. It took a lot of pushing but Tsvete managed without the epidural! I am still in awe of that completely heroic dead.

So, well done Tsvete and welcome Maxim!


Yva said...

Oh so cute!!! Mnogo se radvam che post-va snimchici na mama i bebche :) Mnogo hubav blog!
Pozdravi na cialoto Budapeshtensko bratstvo,

Jelica said...

Mersi! To bratstvoto vse poveche i poveche namaliava, ostanahme poslednite mohikanci :)

Elitza said...

Uuu, strahotno! I az se radvam da nauchavam kakvo se sluchva iz Budapeshtata. Mozhesh li da mi pratish njakoj validen email na Tzveteto? Hvala!

Jelica said...

Zdrasti, Kiuftence :) Shte ti go pratia emaila na Tsvete na Facebook,ok?