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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Summer's Gone. Kids Do Not Feel Nostalgia.

It's been so tough these several days with the terrible weather coming in, rainy, 9 degrees. It was hot 36 degrees just a week ago and we were enjoying ourselves in the Budapest swimming pools. I am sorry for myself that the weather influences me so much. I guess it takes some adaptation for all of us.

The kids seem to be really happy otherwise and that means that they don't care ab out the weather at all. I guess for us, adults, bad weather brings some nostalgia while kids cannot feel it. Kids fully live in the present.

With Jelica we were amazed this summer how easy Boris and Andrej get adapted to different places and countries. We toured the Balkans as usual visiting Jelica's parents in Lazarevats, Serbia and my mother - in Sliven, Bulgaria. They fully enjoyed the two places. Borders really don't matter for them which is great.

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