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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Serbia: Gotta love it

Where else can the most wanted fugitive and war crime suspect lead a peaceful and inconspicuous life as an alternative medicine practitioner, for a good few years at least?

It is so perfectly absurd and Monty Python-esque that it even makes sense. While the most powerful military alliance in the world is looking for you in the most God-forsaken places all over Bosnia, you just grow a beard and moustache and, voila, go all zen in the middle of Belgrade.

You'd think plastic operations, hiding in caves or even bunkers, deep secrecy and all that--hmm, think again. All it takes is a bit of facial hair, an ugly pair of glasses and the look of an old hippy and no one would ever guess.

Apparently, no one ever asked him for references either.

1 comment:

pavelan said...

Would you believe it? I do not.