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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Alone Among Merry People

It is so strange being alone among crowds of merry people on a Saturday night. This happened to me after I arrived from Luxembourg around 11 pm, settled in the hotel and jumped out on the street to have a bite, a drink and a walk.

The streets of Brussels, especially those around the Grande Place were bustling with live, love and laughter. Sometimes, in Budapest, in a similar situation, I have not had the desire to mix with an obviously drunk, vulgar and boring crowd. This, it seemed to me, was not the case now.

Most people were just having fun, laughing and enjoying company and friendship. And in such a situation I had absolutely no access to this fun and laughter. I was walking alone, full of unrealized potential for merry time and a late night out.

I went to a bar which I liked during my walk two days ago. The crowd there did not disappoint me: intelligent and artistic people. I had a quick Kriek (cherry beer), listened to some lovely music and went back to the shabby hotel.

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