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Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Early autumn is a splendid time for bike trips. Several weeks ago we decided to discover the East shore of Lake Neuchatel. The trip started at Yverdon-les-Bains where we somehow got entangled in a triathlon. The we biked along a kind of reed reserve to Estevayer-le-Lac, had a nice lunch and continued to Payerne across the fields. Ursula and Diego continued to Moudon, Yulia and Viktor took the train back to Yverdon while we biked back to Estevayer, 40 km.

Too bad we didn't take swimming suits.

Break by Lac Neuchatel

Break by Lac Neuchatel - Jelica, Andrej, Viktor, Ursula, Yulia, Diego

Reeds by Lac Neuchatel

Ursula, Diego, Boris and Yulia

Beautiful monastery (prieure) of Notre Dame in Payerne, one of the sites in Switzerland which was subordinated to the influential Abbey of Cluny.

Notre Dame Monastery, Payerne, subordinated to the Abbey of Cluny

Catle in Estevayer Le Lac, Canton Friburg

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